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Respite Care

A carer in your own home.

 If you would like to stay where you are and have a carer come to you then this may be an option for you.  If you have a nice comfortable spare room where your carer can stay then the opportunity for you to have a bit of company, allow your regular carers a break or give yourself a break from looking after yourself, then these carers may be able to help you.

This is a new service we are starting to provide where you may contact a carer directly to discuss your requirements and make arrangements.

Please note that although a carer may not be living close to you, many are prepared to travel and you must discuss travel arrangements before engaging the carer.

Arrangements for food shopping, pharmacies and any appointments must also be arranged with the carer, sometimes a budget is given for the carer to use and all receipts are kept.

Please ensure you discuss with the carer the precise nature of the work required for example:
Alcohol, incontinence, mobility, night calls, safety, aggression, food issues.

The carer must have a break of two consecutive hours every afternoon and if the client is unable to be on their own for this time then perhaps a friend or neighbour could come in.  Please discuss this with the carer you are contacting.  Depending on the intensity of the work a break can be flexible.  To keep the integrity of the quality of care we always recommend the carer and client to have a 'rest' from each other most afternoons.

You must provide a journal at the address of the care work so the carer can keep a daily record and also emergency numbers must be listed, as well as any medications, allergies and preferences the client has.  A simple exercise book is sufficient but it must be kept for the sole use of the carer/client care.

If a car is available for the carer to use then a copy of the insurance document must be available on arrival for the carer to check they are eligible to drive the car and likewise the carers driving licence must also be shown.

All the carers are self employed and take responsibility for their own tax declarations, insurances etc.

Payment must be made directly with the carer and again arrangements as to when and how this will be done must be clear before engagement.  No payment should be made before the carer arrives at the destination.

Please note that we are unable to check the carers listed and take no responsibility for your experience.  However to help the carers and other service users in the future, if you can give us some feedback to add to this page it would be very helpful.


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Willing to travel?


Contact details

Catherine Jamieson

Near Bellac,
Haute Vienne, 87

Dementia, Pallitive, Parkinsons,


100-200€ per day

tel:05 55 60 24 19

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