Portrait Photography - Becky Dove - Grue Demoiselle 2018/19

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Capture Hearts
with Becky Dove

Photography to capture
hearts and characters

2 Day Workshop - Anytime
Please contact us if you are interested in this and we can arrange a mutually agreeable time - Minimum of 3 people required.

I am sure we have all had those moments when we look at the photos we have taken of our families, friends and pets and wished they had come out how we had imagined them.  I know some very talented photographers and their photos are ones to be hung on a wall and cherished, ones which are appreciated by people who dont even know the subject involved but appreciate the moment captured.

Well no longer shall we despair!  We have teamed up with Pink Cat Photography in the guise of Becky Dove and she is dedicating a weekend to us all to show us how to improve our portrait photographs, share with us the tips, tricks and secrets and raise our chances of getting that perfect photo.


The course includes 2 workshops and 3 photo excursions, (over 2 days )
During the course you will have the opportunity to:
- critique and discuss your own photography in a supportive and positive environment
- improve your photography technique
- Learn the technique and approach  of 'the art of seeing' - a creative approach to photography
- take part in 3 photo shoots

You need a camera...!!! Rebeka is not a camera snob.... and firmly believes that its the person who takes the picture not the camera...so no special equipment is required!

Lunch and refreshments are included and accommodation is also available if required.

Rebeka Dove – Artist Photgrapher

Rebeka is a photographer specialising in macro nature photography and baby and child portraits. She has been living in the Haute Vienne for 9 yrs, in which time she has fallen in love with the natural world. She captures the inner landscape of nature through her photography….. the hidden, the seemingly insignificant, the ordinary are all brought to our attention in full glorious technicolour….
Form, texture and colour are the foundations of her photography…all of which can be found in abundance in her photographs.

Look a little closer and let your imagination take you into the inner landscape of nature……..

Rebekas also works with baby and child portraits, she offers a unique product in baby photography. ‘The five senses’ is a composition of 5 close up photographs of your baby, mounted and framed to make a beautiful keepsake.

Rebeka gained her degree in Fine Art at Liverpool University in 1990. She then worked for many years as a community artist, mainly with young people in the North West of England. She later completed a post graduate diploma in Youth and Community work and pursued a career in that sector. After having her first daughter Lilly in 2004 the world shifted and through taking photos of her, discovered a new passion in photography. Since moving to France she has been pursuing this passion and has set up her business Pink Cat Photographie. Rebeka offers unusual, unique baby and child portraits along with selling and exhibiting her stunning nature photography.

We will also be hosting an artistic landscape photography weekend with Becky later in the year, so please still contact us if this is also of interest to you.

£195 or 240€

Lunch and refreshments included

If you would like to stay then bed, breakfast and evening meal is 85€ per night single accommodation and  55€ per night for shared accommodation.

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