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Emotional Freedom Technique

Practitioner: Catherine Jamieson

60,00 euros

Each session is usually 60-90 minutes, there is an additional charge of 20 euros per additional 30 minutes or part thereof. For example if the session is 120 minutes then the charge is 80 euros.

PAYPAL payments accepted.

What is EFT?

EFT is Emotional Freedom Technique, we all have parts of our lives where we have encountered an emotional issue, this emotion may have become stuck in our bodies either consciously or unconsciously and we are left with a situation that whenever we think about 'that time' we are overwhelmed by the emotion related, we re-live the moment. This can be unhelpful to our health and wellbeing, by using EFT we can release the emotion from the event and be able to move on with our lives or re-live the event without being overwhelmed by emotion. It doesn’t make the event go away, but it takes the emotion away from the event.

These 'events' or 'issues' left unresolved manifest themselves in different ways, some people may have a phobia, some people may gain weight or not be able to gain weight regardless of many diets, some people may have a pain in their body which doesn’t respond to treatment or always fail at interviews. We sabotage ourselves without realising it and EFT is a brilliant therapy to help you take control back into your life and direct it where you want it to go.

Its a very powerful and useful therapy and continues to work in the body after your session. Often the 'block' could be something silly which was said to you as a child, you may even have forgotten it was said but it has stuck with you and continues to affect your life.

So, Emotional Freedom Technique is actually freeing unhelpful emotions from our bodies but FUEFOB doesn’t sound as good!

What happens in a session?

It has been discovered that by tapping on certain points of the meridian energy lines and following some simple movements, blockages in our bodies can be cleared and released. We tap gently using the fingertips; there are different techniques which can be used if tapping does not suit you. I then gently guide you through the issues in a safe environment, there is often a lot of laughter, a lot of release and we always a feeling of well-being by the end of your session. Sometimes just one session will clear the issue, sometimes we find others are raised and we meander through the network of emotions until a feeling of well-being is reached.

Your Appointment:

An appointment at Grue Demoiselle
You are welcomed into our healing room.
EFT is briefly explained to you.
You are given the option to tap on yourself or allow me to tap for you.
We then work together for the session.
When we reach an improved state we will lock in the improvement.
You will be given information on how to continue with the EFT at home.
We will discuss your next appointment if necessary or required.

Telephone Appointment

You will receive an email informing you of the mutually agreeable time I will telephone you for the session,
You are advised to be in a quiet space where you will not be disturbed for about 1 hour,
Have water and tissues to hand,
I will email you a diagram of the tapping points which you will need in front of you for the telephone session.
We then work together for the session.
When we reach an improved state we will lock in the improvement.
You will be given information on how to continue with the EFT at home.
We will discuss your next appointment if necessary or required.

Catherine Jamieson is a qualified EFT Practitioner.

To book an appointment or to discuss this further please contact me either via email or telephone from France is 05 55 60 24 19 or outside France 0033 555 602419.


Presenting condition - A long term pain in the arm, which during EFT we discovered was linked with frustration in her current job, it transpired he client was thinking about applying for a new job. The client sent this feedback:

A couple of weeks before our session I took part in the interview course, they pair you up with real jobs and it gives interviewers & interviewees a chance to practice.

This is the report I received from the practice interview - Pre EFT ....

Overall rating : Needs Some Development
Overall Comments : The candidate answered all questions posed by the panel with a varying degree of confidence. Her example and evidence regarding the Open Day for the Working Together competence was the best one provided but there were a number of competences for which the evidence did not demonstrate enough personal actions and do require a some development. Unfortunately on this occasion the application is unsuccessful and this is the opinion of both panel members.

And this is the report from the real interview, (exactly the same competencies were tested) - Post EFT
Overall rating : Excellent
Overall Comments : The candidate came across as a very confident person who obviously enjoys her work. She demonstrated the competencies well, with some excellent examples to support. A wealth of experience that could be drawn upon by others in the department. An excellent interview. The independent and I agree that ****** should be offered the position.

I am thrilled to say that the clients pain in her arm has disappeared and she starts her new job next week.



Still at group but I had to share straight away - lost 10 pounds in my first week!
Must be the EFT again as I only managed 1 gym visit and so only expected 2 lbs max! This I'd the best start I have ever had on any regime.


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