Doggy Fun weekend 2019 - Grue Demoiselle 2018/19

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Fun weekend with Dogs

Saturday 16th - Sunday 19th February 2019

This is a weekend to come and just have fun with your dog.  We all love our dogs and promise ourselves to spend more time with them but then time just vanishes and another week has passed without having fun with our furry friends.  Take this weekend as a promise to have fun with your dog.

There will be a small group of us with our dogs enjoying some fun activities, good food, some different walks and excellent company.


The activities proposed will depend on the weather, we have a large hall for indoor fun if the weather is unkind to us and in the garden if its a hot and sunny February, which we have experienced many times before.

Inside will be games such as searching using scent work, hide and seek, follow my leader, fastest sit, relay ball games.

Outside we have some fun equipment such as weave poles, jumps, a tunnel and cones to ensure some fun activities.  Agility experience is not required, we will not be racing with this equipment, just using the equipment to your dogs ability.  We hope to also have a scurry competition, just for fun.

We will be outside for a treasure trail (No tracking experience is necessary) and possible staged starts depending on the fitness of you or your dog.  This walk will be on footpaths and bridleways away from roads but will be next to fields of sheep.  Please ensure you use a long lead if your dogs recall is questionable.

Back to Grue for a warming lunch and finishing off the afternoon with an exchange of ideas and information and play time for the dogs.

Due to the nature of the weekend it would be best if your dog is not reactive towards other dogs, however if your dog is timid then this may be a great opportuity to increase its confidence in a friendly environment.

Practicals: You will need to bring your own dog bed and/or coverings for the bed if your dog is accustomed to sleeping on a human bed.  Bring your dogs food for the weekend, a freezer is available if you are feeding raw and also remember to bring a good supply of your dogs training treats or toy which they are rewarded with.

We do stress that we are not canine trainers or behavioural therapists and purely offer this weekend as a get together for yourselves and other friendly dogs.  Where we try our best to ensure a safe environment, all activities are taken at your own risk.


Included in this price is:
Single accommodation in one of our en-suite bedrooms.
Lunch on Saturday and Sunday
Dinner Saturday evening
Breakfast on Sunday morning
Refreshments thoughout the weekend
Fun with your dog!

Limited places:
5 places attending with a dog.
A 'f'riend' is welcome to attend and share your room and dog with you at a special rate of 80€

To book your place click here

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