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Complete Canine Confidence
with Janet Finlay

23rd - 26th Oct 2017
10.00 - 17.00

Complete Canine Confidence

Complete Canine Confidence is a brand new course which will help you build three way confidence: confidence for you, confidence for your dog and confidence in your partnership together.

Confidence can be a real problem for many of us. Our dog may lack confidence and over react to people or other dogs. They may be anxious and find it hard to deal with novel situations or being left on their own. They may get over-excited and find it hard to relax. They may be worried by loud noises, travelling or handling. They may have physical limitations or pain that may affect how they respond.

And over time, as we try to work with and change our dog’s behaviour, we may lose our own confidence. We lose confidence in our own ability to manage and help our dog. We lose trust in our dog and feel they can be unpredictable. We lose confidence in the bond we had with our dog – the joy has gone, life is stressful and sometimes it is very lonely. We wonder why our dog can’t just be “normal”.

Sometimes this happens gradually, as we realise that our dog finds some things challenging and we wonder what we have done wrong.  Sometimes it is sudden, when a traumatic experience robs us of our happy, confident dog and leaves a nervous, frightened one in their place.  Sometimes they come to us with fears and anxieties, and we don’t know what has happened to make them that way.

Complete Canine Confidence will help you rebuild your confidence. You will learn ways to increase your own confidence in handling and working with your dog, boost your dog's confidence in dealing with everything they come across and strengthen your confidence together as an unbreakable partnership, ready to face the world.

The course will address confidence three ways: confidence for you, confidence for your dog and confidence for you together as a partnership.
It takes a holistic approach, for both you and your dog, looking at physical, emotional and behavioural elements.

Drawing on TTouch, positive dog training, coaching and a wealth of recent research into novel approaches to handling stress, the course offers kind, effective, practical and innovative solutions.

Topics covered include:
How physical tension, balance and posture influences confidence and what to do about it
How to use games and gamefulness to increase confidence and handle stress
The importance of mindset to confidence and how to change our mindset from threat to challenge
Shifting from a problem-focused to a relationship-focused approach to behaviour change
Strategies to enhance calming and relaxation

You will learn practical, confidence-building, training games that you can do at home with your dog, as well as how to use TTouch body work, ground work and wraps to help balance and calm yourself and your dog. You will learn how to play the Confidence Game, which will help you to handle challenging situations more effectively. You will leave with a plan of action for continuing to build your confidence and your dog’s confidence as you go forward together.

This four day course will be challenging, inspiring, practical and, above all, fun! Come with your own dog (if s/he will enjoy time spent with other dogs and people) or come alone and practice where needed with one of the resident dogs.  If you are unsure whether your dog would cope with the workshop please email Bernadette to discuss.

About Janet

We have been priviledged to host Janet's courses here at Grue and are once again delighted that she is offering us another workshop.  

Janet Finlay is a TTouch Practitioner Level 3 and a member of the APDT UKK (01046). She has lived and worked with reactive and challenging dogs for more than 20 years.

She writes: “I know that frustration, the sense of guilt and failure, the feelings of hopelessness and isolation that you may be feeling right now. I've come home from walks in tears because people have yelled abuse at my dog kicking off. I've felt the disappointment of not being able to do "normal" things with my dog. ”

“But I don't feel like that any more. Over the years I have learned how to help the dogs that have come my way - and to do it without getting stressed out. I can teach you to do the same.”

“Now I see their behaviour as just that - behaviour - a challenge to be met rather than a burden or a threat to my sanity!  In my courses, I combine TTouch, games and playfulness, reward-based training and NLP-based coaching techniques to take a holistic approach that focuses on both ends of the lead. I won't just show you how to train your dog - I'll show you how to change your thinking and how you respond to your dog. My courses will help you and your dog become a confident partnership.”


Lunch and refreshments included

Limited places:
6 places attending with a dog and it must be the same dog for all the days.
4 places without a dog.

For details on how to book please contact Bernadette Kerbey
Please email on

If you would like to stay on site then bed, breakfast and evening meal is 80€ per night single accommodation (or with a dog) 55€ per night for shared accommodation.
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Please note there are only two rooms left on site now. (10/4/17)

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