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Come and enjoy the peace, rhythm and life at Grue Demoiselle in France. Wake to the sound of the gentle mooing of the proud Limousin cows and the symphony of bird life, watch the sun rise above the Rancon forest, light streaming over the lush green fields and spend your day enjoying yourself, relaxing and exploring the area.

Jim creates a warm and welcoming feeling of home, the perfect place to relax and allow yourself time to heal, time for your mind to settle, to sleep, to process, to get to know yourself again, to get to know each other.

A perfect location to explore the lovely countryside by car, foot or cycle, get together with friends and family, comfortable beds and refreshing showers as part of the experience.


The star gazers amongst you will not be disappointed with our night skies, nestled as we are, on the farm, amongst the fields and protected by the forest. The only light pollution is caused by the glimmer of the candles as you sit on the terrace and pass the evening in convivial company.

Jim offers a therapy to complement your stay, the Bowen Technique.

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